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Skiff Stories: Atlanins Lights - Tactical Gank Disruption

This week, our Skiff of Doom tells us another story from my Gallente space memories of late 2013.

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In fact, our Skiff can be considered as "Justice" or "Doom", depending on who you are, and how you look at it. If you're on the ganker side, the odds are not really in your favor, and "Doom" might be a more accurate description.

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It is every genuine Anti-Ganker's job and responsability to do researches about known/unknown ganker dens, locations and activities. 
We're not to be confused with the lazy, ineffective and real-life threatening carebears. One of these researches made me detect a bot-aspirant concentration of outlaw Catalysts with no ganking permits in a system known as Leremblompes. 
When it comes to curing the ganker ignorance and robotism, even the most distant systems can be reached for our goal of ganker education. 

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About 20 jumps were made by our Skiff and Atlanins was reached.

Leremblompes -> Atlanins
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Upon arrival, potential ganker routes were analyzed and an appropriate gate was chosen for our gatecamp of permit inspection: the Leremblompes gate in Atlanins.

The tactic was simple yet effective; if the Leremblompes-based gankers want to gank in Atlanins, Azer, Vaurent, Marosier, Ardallabier, Jaschercis etc., they will have to pass through the gate I camp.

In EVE, patience is important. In Anti-Ganking, patience can determine the difference between failure and success. In fact, for counter-ganking, you need so much patience that some people will hardly believe when you describe this particular gameplay type.

''The dynamics of counter-ganking also tend to make it mind-numbingly boring compared to being the jerks murdering stuff. A counter-ganking sits around for an indefinite period of time hoping that gankers will eventually come and be foiled by him. He has to be paying attention continuously, for his ward could probably be killed in the time it takes him to go to the bathroom.''  
          -Voyager Arran 
However, high level of courage, patience, motivation and dedication are important. That's how Anti-Ganking works and leads to fun.

While waiting for the outlaw Catalysts at gate, I was also checking D-Scan regularly to have some eye inside my system (Atlanins) as well.

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About 50 minutes passed.

All of a sudden, two capsuleers entered local, followed by the following notification at the gate I was camping:

[ 2013.11.23 12:10:31 ] (notify) Criminals are not welcome into Gallente space - leave now Victor Von Vyvorant, or your vessel will be destroyed!
[ 2013.11.23 12:10:34 ] (notify) Criminals are not welcome into Gallente space - leave now Cholo Dejesus, or your vessel will be destroyed!

I love these notifications. You can't imagine Highsec without them. They're like elevator music. If Highsec is the elevator, these notifications would be the music.

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This time, the notifications were announcing the entrance of two outlaws (below -5) who were apparently thinking that they could freely navigate in Highsec without any problems. 
However, our Skiff of Justice was ready from the moment it started camping the gate like an hour ago. There's no exception when it comes to punishing the outlaw non-permit holder Catalysts.
[ 2013.11.23 12:10:49 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from you to Cholo Dejesus [929]CODE. (Catalyst)
[ 2013.11.23 12:10:51 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from you to Victor Von Vyvorant [929]CODE. (Catalyst)

The moment they decloaked to warp to the next gate (or to their target), gank-bots Cholo Dejesus and Victor Von Vyvorant were almost instantly pointed thanks to the vigilant use of two separate warp disruption modules on them one by one. Destroyers align fast, but not too fast. With a combination of specific overview settings and good scan resolution, it is possible to spread points on multiple Catalysts before they enter warp. After all, these guys are -10. Anyone can engage them.

 Doomed, they remained still and silent. Our Skiff's patience was rewarded and the ganker bot-aspirancy was cured. The outlaw gankers were caught and tackled on their way to their target.

Meanwhile, to celebrate this moment of Justice, I generously sent Hornet EC-300 ECM drones on funnily-named Cholo Dejesus. 

(combat) Drones engaging Ready
(combat) Drones engaging Ready
(combat) Drones engaging Ready

His Catalyst's name was 'Ready'. Nevertheless, they obviously weren't "Ready" to navigate in Highsec within my sight. They will be "Ready" when they purchase their ganking permits, scout their route and pledge loyalty to the art of ganker jamming by fitting ECCM. Of course, they didn't even have that module either, therefore the permit would be revoked.

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[ 2013.11.23 12:11:06 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Gallente Police Captain to Victor Von Vyvorant [929]CODE.(Catalyst)
[ 2013.11.23 12:11:15 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Gallente Police Captain to Cholo Dejesus [929]CODE.(Catalyst)

As usual, Content Generators Gallente Police Captain and Roden Police Sergeant (faction police) were late to the party. Although they have cool names, 
these NPC faction police are so late, ineffective and stupid that I am not even sure why they exist. With our Skiff's monumental DPS and tank, I could just switch to my Hobgoblins and kill both Catalysts anyway. Interaction between real players makes a lot more sense.

Kill report

Kill report

The gankers were stopped even before reaching their target. Another gank was prevented, another pair of bot-aspirant Catalysts were punished.

No end to Universe, no end to ganker bot-aspirancy. If you don't like them, shoot them. 

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