Never mistake "anti-ganking" activity with the statement "this pilot stands against hisec suicide ganking."
          -Bronson Hughes

"Out here, you are either the hunter, or you are the prey. Remember this before you undock. Somewhere out there, right now, someone is hunting you. They will probe down your missions. They will camp your gates. They will smartbomb your pod, they will scram your stabbed ship. Plan accordingly, accept losses graciously, and fly dangerously." 
-Jacob Raynor

"My hope is that everyone can find their own "Eve", their own way to express "GFs"... In a productive and interconnected way. Where laughter and friendship always remains a possibility.  
Because there are no good fights in real life." 
-Jim Jams 

"this guy in Caldari space sits on highsec gates in a battle skiff and tackles any red blinkies he finds. Ive watched him point 2 catalysts at a time, tank them, and kill them." 

"I never see him any more, but a guy called The Saint Tsero used to cause us some trouble in his Falcon. He was amazingly good at figuring out which miner we were going to gank even when using cloaky warpins. There were a couple of others, but since he was always around when they were, I assume they were his alts, but could be wrong. But if The Saint was around, ganking miners was going to be a lot tougher. 
I think his secret was that he was just as dedicated as we are. He wasn't thinking about the isk/hr he was losing by sitting in his Falcon for hours. He didn't start watching youtube videos just because there wasn't any action for 10min. And above all, I think he did it because it was fun, not because he was really interested in helping miners." 
          -Malcolm Shinhwa       

"There's another nullsec group that used to do freighter ganks. We don't like them, so we used to ruin their ganks & save their targets. This nullsec group doesn't gank anymore.''
         -Mallak Azaria

"The penetrating hum of ECM calms the criminal mind, allowing the ganker to well consider his ill-conceived actions."
-Thomas en Chasteaux

"New stronger defenses to the Skiff and the Procurer including, for the first the time ever, a damage bonus on mining barges so if someone comes at you, you can punch them right back." 
          -CCP Fozzie
"pick a side, create content, be a suicide ganker or an antiganker, or that guy who whores on concord and salvages 20 catalysts every 15 minutes. but keep the perspective that you are playing a competitive pvp mmo, and the aim of the game is ultimately to outwit, outplay and/or space-murder other pilots. be excellent to each other, win or lose."

"Sandbox, players adapting, emergent gameplay - it's all there, in highsec. No more 'having to go to null after 2 years of skilling and grinding' for PVP."
          -Herzog Wolfhammer

"as a hard core code enforcer and miner ganker all up and down hisec, I must say, kudos sir. I got jammed in balle the other day by a procurer and I was utterly flabbergasted! I applaud your efforts to actually play the game!" 

"The "dark side" of highsec is not in the wreck of a freighter, or in a charred corpse formerly home to expensive implants. It's not in the enraged player returning to their computer, mysteriously in a capsule at their home station, or in a polite CODE agent offering what really amounts to advice on how to actually play the game. 
The "dark side" of highsec, and of Eve in general, is the teeming masses of players externalizing the consequences of their own actions, and demanding protections of their desired playstyle with total disregard for the risk-reward balance, economic supply and demand, and impact on others' playstyles. The "dark side" is in exploitive highsec industrial corps that seek virtual riches by adhering to a boring, restrictive, and anti-social game experience. They never develop, never get better, and feel entitled to be insulated from the ramifications of that choice. The "dark side" is the thousands of unsubbed trial, new, and even 'veteran' accounts that were never exposed to anything better. 
The real players come from all professions - hisec mining included. They learn from their mistakes (or better, from others'), learn the in-game tools, and research and experiment with counters to each of their enemies' tactics. They recognize that without destruction, the market collapses, and they delight in failure the less prepared and less intelligent, as it means more opportunity for their own success. 
Don't like CODE? Great, you don't have to. Feelings hurt? This not a game from children, don't act like one. You, and you alone, are responsible for your story. Make it a good one."
          -Michael Ignis Archangel 


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