Friday, January 22, 2016

Philosophy Part 2 - For a Better Highsec: The N-CODE

In the Part 1 of the Philosophy series, I had shown why Anti-Gankers -the real ones- are good for the game and how their interventions often result in fun interactions between them and the gankers. It is time for a second part with some RP injection! 

The main purpose of this site has been contributing to Highsec content from the Anti-Ganking point of view. I hope it also encouraged and incited people to learning lessons, enjoying the game and being respectful to each other. Just because there are Good and Bad guys in EVE doesn't mean there can't be a high standard of intercourse between these two sides. Shooting at each other is good, staying classy while doing so is much better. So I came up with the following suggestions for the residents of Highsec. Obviously, these are all my personal suggestions as a part of in-game RP and there is already an official EULA and TOS for EVE, but I am confident that Highsec can become a better place if more Good and Bad guys behave like this.

For additional fun, I decided to publish it in a "Code of Conduct" format. We can even call it the "Neo-code" or shortly N-CODE if you agree?! Anyhow, let's take a look.

  • Gankers should remain respectful to miners after ganking their ships. Some humor and RP injection is perfectly fine, but it shouldn't be done in an exaggerated way with the sole purpose of provoking the miner into anger and overreaction. For example, "shoulda bought a permit" or "miner calm down" is great, but "get rekt scrub ur full of s**t" isn't. Remember, stay classy.
  • If an Anti-Ganker manages to stop and prevent the gank, the ganker should simply put a 'gf' in Local. The ganker should also compliment the Anti-Ganker for enlightening his monotonous ganking routine with an emergent lesson.
  • Miners should remain at keyboard at all times to take the necessary measures for preventing a ship loss. These measures include situation awareness, appropriate tanking and ship choice (*cough*Skiff*cough*), checking Local, D-Scan and even Killboards. In other words, playing the game.
  • Upon being ganked, miners should remain calm and classy instead of reacting with senseless nerf demands, ugly hate mails, real-life threats and all kinds of other stupidity. If I see a carebear spouting insults or RL threats in Local, I will personally bring my Afterburner Skiff to bump him out of range.
  • Gank victims should seek in-game solutions to their in-game problems. Taking action is much more effective than crying on forums. For example they can fight back by engaging in Anti-Ganking gameplay. Stop crying, be alert, stay vigilant, take the measures mentioned in the amendment 3. Be a doer, not a talker.
  • Gankers should adapt and innovate too. That's the beauty of competitive EVE. I don't want to see fail-fit Catalysts or Thoraxes with empty mid-slots. Gankers shouldn't embrace the monotony of a robot-like ganking routine with the same boring fail-fit non-compliant Catalyst.
  • Gankers should purchase my exclusive Ganking Permit for a fee of 1 million ISK.  The mental health of a ganker has to be verified regularly to keep non-compliance and robot-aspirant behavior away. As a result, a Ganking Permit is only valid for a month.


-Anti-Ganking: The main enforcement of the N-CODE. Perfect example of Highsec emergent gameplay. Taking in-game action against these criminals includes (and isn't limited to): Miner protection (and Ganker jamming in general), Bumper ganking, Bumper bumping, Scout ganking, Outlaw tackling, Tracking disruption, etc... 

-ECM Skiff: If you're a miner, fly the ECM Skiff. Stay at keyboard, check Local and D-Scan while mining. Jam the gankers that attack someone nearby. Be a vigilant miner, not an angry carebear.

-Guidance: Deliver guidance and share knowledge with other miners, especially the gank victims. Inform them about fitting their ships properly, general vigilance and what they can do to fight back. Do not hesitate to open a conversation with them if they sound hateful to gankers. Do your best to save them from the mentality of "F****ing RL sociopath ganked me, I will petition him"  and make them say  "I have a plan to ruin his next ganks, I will fight back!". It's not always easy, but at least try to convince them about the uselessness of sending hate mails to gankers. Direct them into taking action or being vigilant. Link them useful advices like the Ganking Avoidance post of Feyd. 

-Bump: If they don't change their attitude, bump those insulter, RL threatening whiner carebears whenever you see them. They're bad for the game. Their attitude not only killed their own reputation, but also damaged the image of vigilant miners, Anti-Gankers and even Highsec in general. Also, do not hesitate to petition them for their RL threats.


The Neo-code of Highsec is an ongoing, emergent work. The points made above reflect pretty much the main philosophy behind my view of Highsec. This isn't another "Donate ISK and I will completely remove ganker organizations" drivel. This is about defeating ganks, having fun and promoting player-driven content to exalt the interaction between the three sides of Triangle of Content: Miners, Gankers and Anti-Gankers. Everybody benefits from the Neo-Code, which is why it always wins.

Now, can I interest you in a Ganking Permit?


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