Saturday, September 5, 2015

Don't Scout Around Me, Bro.

The various ways of fighting the gankers perfectly contributes to Highsec warfare. As we saw in the previous post, another way to fight the gankers is to murder their scouts/spotter alts. This is what I will exemplify further with today's post.

"shoot the things they don't want you to shoot"
          -Omar Alharazzad 

Scouting is an important part in EVE and there's no exception when it comes to gankers. Usage of scouts allows them to see in advance valuable information like what ship is incoming, whether its pilot is AFK or not, what type of modules he has and what's inside his cargo hold etc. As you can imagine, I enjoy disrupting and annoying their operations by unleashing hell on their scouts. Usage of ganking can sound a little ironic when done by Anti-gankers, but just like bumper-ganking, it's a fun way of messing up their operations.


        "Let's Go!" 
-Yuri Gagarin

Another goal is to give them a sudden feeling of shock, chaos, surprise, panic, conflict and frustration by reminding them of the ruthless possibilities offered by the risky environment of Highsec. I'm glad to say that more of them were targeted this week...

…like Droo Shahni. Like we saw in my previous post, the Griffin is one of the symbols of ECM Anti-ganking. I had mentioned how the Griffin can be used to save miners by enforcing GankerJamming™. Apparently, Droo Shahni misunderstood what I meant. Instead of saving miners, he started scouting for gankers by cargo-scanning industrials in Minmatar space. Something had to be done to save him from this situation and put him into the right track. One does not let anybody ruin the image of the glorious Griffin like that!

Kill Report

Eventually, justice was brought in a form of high-powered blaster charge. 

The heretic was separated from his ship and the Griffin's Anti-ganking honor was restored. I encourage you to take another look at Droo's face expression that sums up his frustration. Poor guy was on the verge of turning into a robot when I saved him.

Kill Report

Meanwhile, Hek Arbosa was scouting for another ganker in Madirmilire. I didn't like that, so I shot him too. Yes, it was just a cheap Imicus compared to my a few million Catalyst, but who cares? As long as they explode, I am happy. The Imicus died, and gate guns destroyed my Catalyst. About 3 seconds later, ganker Aaaarrgg landed at the gate and...

…yeah, time to GTFO I guess. Aaaarrgg managed to get a lock on my pod, but thank God I warped away. That guy is a legend.

Kill Report

Gank-scout ujellybro yeah's Sentinel was also caught in Sivala during his robot-aspirant cargo-scanning routine. No spotting permit = no ship. 

Frustrated and paranoid about his surroundings, he then landed at the same area 3 minutes later… in a Machariel. No, not the previous Machariel. With a new one, he started bumping a Sigil and a Velator. It was the best laugh I've had this week.

Kill Report

Just like claira can who was punished previously, Geomancer Felina also preferred the Vigil to enforce her "secret" spotting activity. However, I can easily distinguish a gank-scout from a regular pilot, because I do know what the cargo-scanning visual looks like and how a gank-scout behaves. As a result, her illegal ship vaporized thanks to our glorious intervention.

Kill Report

Sam Swallow, on the other hand, is more of a hopeless case. After getting ganked, she sat AFK in her pod on one of the most dangerous areas of Highsec.

Of course, this meant that a second round was necessary to deal with the pod. Unfortunetaly, Sam warped away before my criminal timer ended. Where is Stoner Smurf when we need him? The robot-aspirant and non-vigilant AFK behavior observed on this gank-scout is also confirmed by…

…the impressive background of her successful scouting career. One has to be something special to fail this much. *claps*

At the end of the day, what made me smile is that the freedom of shooting your enemies in the face is one of the best things about EVE. Most of my preys knew that, even though they died:

That's it.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Regardless of your side, Highsec PvP is definitely possible in hilarious and emergent ways. I suggest all angry whiners to HTFU and embrace the philosophy of "if you don't like them, shoot them." 

Be the change you want to see in Highsec. It's amazing.

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