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Saving Amarrian Glory, Part 2 (feat. Advanced Bumper Care)

Genuine Anti-Gankers continue to have fun while using the already-available mechanics and emergent techniques. A few angry boys in the ganker community will always try to deny that fact. 
Just because they're outnumbered by the whiny carebears doesn't mean real Anti-Gankers are inexistent and ineffective. Today we will see how, even with limited numbers, their vision and courage can combine with saving the glory of Amarr ships while applying Advanced bumper care. I would usually name this type of post "Advanced Machariel Maintenance", but today's victims have their own style of bot-aspirancy.

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Armin Soprano is another brain-washed heretic who likes to bump freighters endlessly, and then provide warp-ins to bot-aspirant Catalysts. Until now, there's nothing new. Nevertheless, in addition to reminding me the name of my favorite Trance music producer, he was using the Omen Navy Issue contrary to the majority of other bumpers in Machariels. Quite original at first sight, isn't it?… Not really.

The Amarr Emperor would have an heart attack if he saw this glorious ship ram into freighters. Thankfully, Anti-Gankers enjoy ganking the freighter bumpers just like they enjoy jamming fail-fit Catalysts.

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Armin was wandering off the gate just before a bunch of bot-aspirant gank fleet landed on a Charon. Like I said in the previous post, Anti-Ganking isn't all about shooting or jamming those Catalysts, it's also about ganking freighter bumpers. Why? Because we're having fun (and more personally, I honestly don't always care about the survival of those always-AFK lazy freighter "pilots" who come to forums and complain.)

Armin seemed to have some microwarpdrive and probe launcher to enhance his freighter hunt. However, at least two slots were empty: spatial awareness and bumping permit.

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Content Generator Slania Auduin arrived to the scene and quickly cured the disease by ganking this bumper and liberating the golden Omen Navy Issue from Armin.

Slania knew how to deal with the heretic. He chose the Amarrian Harbinger to bring the symbolic justice. 

"The Harbinger proclaims its status as a massive weapon, a laser burning through the heart of the ungodly."

Meanwhile, Content Ruiner CONCORD Police Commander brought the blessing to Slania, but the Omen Navy Issue's wreck remained as a symbol of the successful punishment that was delivered to the bumper.

Of course, the bumper's pod was not forgotten

Hell, even Catalyst pilots dislike bumpers. According to the data, it was dealt with two minutes later. If correct, it turns out that the bumper was probably AFK-aspirant as well, what an ugly violation of EVE's basic rules! 

Like we saw in the case of Siegfried Cohenberg, educating a freighter bumper can take a while. Armin Soprano is not different. About a week later, he was once again spotted in his Omen Navy Issue, and he was again attempting to darken the image of that ship by ramming into freighters with it. Apparently, the first lesson wasn't enough...

…which resulted in this intervention from Jennifer en Marland who knows the mechanics like no other.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no end to bumper bot-aspirancy: only four hours later, Armin was once again spotted performing his illegal activity in his Omen Navy Issue. Will they ever learn?

All high-slots were empty. Apparently, he learns backwards. Still no vigilance, still no permit. Guess what happened again? 

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Content Generators HC Androidson and Cpt Levi Gankerman intervened to show that there's no %100 safe space in EVE, and Armin's Omen Navy Issue vaporized again as a result of a successful gank.

Most of the time, it's extremely easy to save a pod. Since he was focusing so much on the Obelisk, Armin had a hard time figuring out how to do it.

The bumper failed to survive again. All this wouldn't happen if he had paid attention to his surroundings and pledged loyalty to us by purchasing an exclusive bumping permit. However, the Emperor's faith in the Omen Navy Issue was restored after these three exemplary operations.

Meanwhile in Lowsec, Koh Baelfire was busy staring at an asteroid belt in his Coercer.

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...A destroyer, an asteroid belt...

...An asteroid belt, a destroyer...

I've seen this movie before. 

Was he aspiring to become a ganker? If so, he had accidentally jumped into our lovely Lowsec. But that's just a detail. Most importantly…  does he deserve to fly such glorious ship in the dangerous EVE space? Does he check Local and D-Scan? I wanted to test his spatial awareness level.

Back in those days, I was -10. Therefore, he could guess that my Skiff was probably not that peaceful when he sees me in Local and D-Scan, or as a bright red pilot on his Overview. But did he even use these vital tools? 

Well, apparently not. 

The one thing I notice though… even this Coercer destroyer fit looks better than Armin's disgusting bumping-optimised "cruiser". However, our Skiff of Justice arrived to the scene and punished this ganker-wannabe who, judging from his behavior, didn't deserve to fly this golden ship. Content Generator Sansha's Ravisher also celebrated the moment by contributing to our operation.

His pod was then dealt with thanks to our Skiff of Doom's awesome mining capabilities.

Well… sort of.

Besides this Lowsec Coercer, the first part of today's post shows once again that both Gankers and Anti-Gankers continue to enjoy EVE and keep Highsec alive with their own ways and tactics, while the angry carebears cry for another nerf or spew insults because they lost their precious Covetor. Real Anti-Gankers don't cry for more nerfs on forums, they log in and play the game. Player interaction will never die no matter how much carebear whining tears flow.

What matters is the existence of a Highsec that makes us say: "This is EVE."


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