Friday, January 2, 2015

Skiff Stories: Vikings of Vaajaita (You Shall Not Pass)

As a former Lowsec outlaw, I know what it's like to jump into Highsec with outlaw-level negative security status. It is possible to avoid faction police, but if a player manages to point you, you're doomed.

Some angry carebears claim that they don't have tools to fight back gankers, outlaws and criminals in Highsec. Others take their whining to the next level by declaring that CCP should buff CONCORD and change the game mechanics so that outlaws cannot navigate in Highsec at all. However, it is not by buffing NPC police that Highsec will become a healthy place. Highsec is, and should always remain a place where player interaction matters. Even in the emptiest Highsec system, you can use the available tools to stop the outlaws. Imagine what can be achieved in popular gank centers like Sivala, Uedama or Niarja.


Vaajaita is an empty, isolated, "bridge" Highsec system often used by the Lowsec outlaws as a shortcut between different Lowsec systems. This, of course, becomes a great source of entertaining, emergent gameplay.


Our insta-lock Skiff was once again patrolling the two Lowsec gates in Vaajaita. This time, I had chosen the Jan gate. A good amount of time passed, with absolutely no sign of illegal passage. However, the generous Highsec Anti-Gankers are known for their never-ending patience. When it comes to teaching fun and emergent lessons in Highsec, our patience is like no other, because we know that it is worth waiting.
As the endless amount of minutes passed, someone named RolandoooEvoX, a member of The Vikings of Valhalla, entered local. It could be from any gate. After all, there are 3 stargates in Vaajaita (1 Highsec, 2 Lowsec), and our unique, courageous Skiff can only cover one stargate at a given moment. 
Or maybe he had just connected at a station in the system.
 While I was thinking of these, I heard the gate activation

…followed by this message appeared on the screen:

[ 2013.11.16 21:43:45 ] (notify) You have entered Caldari space RolandoooEvoX, where criminals will not be tolerated!

Yes! It was our gate. Moreover, he was an outlaw: exactly what our Skiff needs. 

But what was he flying?
RolandoooEvoX didn't decloak right away. 5 seconds… 10 seconds… 20 seconds passed. He probably understood what was about to happen.
In these moments, you don't know what ship type is going to decloak (assuming that you don't scout). In this case, what decloaked was an outlaw Combat Battlecruiser: a Cyclone.

Source: Therishia Amarthon /

Our Skiff swiftly locked and double-pointed the outlaw.

[ 2013.11.16 21:44:01 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from you to RolandoooEvoX [V-A-L](Cyclone)

[ 2013.11.16 21:44:01 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from you to RolandoooEvoX [V-A-L](Cyclone)

While our Skiff was kindly welcoming the red Cyclone to Highsec with this lesson-teaching warp disruption, Content Generator Caldari Police Vice Commissioner (faction police) arrived, as always, late to the party. 

[ 2013.11.16 21:44:27 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Caldari Police Vice Commissioner to RolandoooEvoX [V-A-L](Cyclone)

The most important role was already done by our Skiff: initial tackling. Meanwhile, even though he knew that he couldn't really tank faction police's DPS, RolandoooEvoX, in frustration, engaged our Skiff. The sounds of faction police were accompanied by the sounds of vicious missiles hitting my Skiff's shields. Highsec was once again benefiting from chaos, consequence, excitement, justice and player generated content. 

[ 2013.11.16 21:44:30 ] (combat) 259 from RolandoooEvoX[V-A-L](Cyclone) - Nova Rage Heavy Assault Missile - Hits
[ 2013.11.16 21:44:33 ] (combat) 297 from RolandoooEvoX[V-A-L](Cyclone) - Nova Rage Heavy Assault Missile - Hits

Meanwhile, Content Generator Caldari Police Commissioner was busy applying two additional (and not really needed) warp disruptions to the Cyclone. 

[ 2013.11.16 21:44:32 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Caldari Police Commissioner to RolandoooEvoX [V-A-L](Cyclone)
[ 2013.11.16 21:44:32 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Caldari Police Commissioner to RolandoooEvoX [V-A-L](Cyclone)

The NPC police forces tend to be stupid indeed. Our capsuleer-controlled mining ship had done the initial and vital tackling like 40 seconds ago.

The problem with Rolandooo's missiles is: the Skiff is amazing. It has the tank of a Battleship and the scan resolution of a Crow. It's like magic.

RolandoooEvoX not only engaged our Skiff, but he also actually tanked the faction police for a short while. He was a stubborn, determined outlaw. Unlike Currin Trading, he was a fast-thinker. If only he had a ganking permit. As his Cyclone exploded due to the heavy DPS of Caldari Vice Commissioner, we also noticed that he wasn't as clumsy as Taishan Mandragoran who was mentioned previously. RolandoooEvoX managed to save his pod, and instead of crying or raging in local, he reacted like a healthy EVE player.

[ 2013.11.16 21:45:45 ] RolandoooEvoX > I loled

This is an example of what EVE is really about: consequences, lessons and most importantly, a fun sandbox.

As a Viking of Valhalla, RolandoooEvoX had only wanted to join his friends in Aurohunen who were killing a 1.1b ISK worth Sleipnir at that very moment
In Norse mythology, Sleipnir is the name of the eight-legged horse belonging to Odin, the God ruling over Valhalla. 
As you can imagine, RolandoooEvoX definitely had to join that kill. He thought that he could freely navigate with such security status in our holy Highsec. However, I won't be interested in an eight-legged horse anytime soon. Our Skiff of Doom punished his lack of a proper ganking permit. Both sides had fun, one side lost a Cyclone.

Among the dropped loot, there was 1 Spirits and 2 Tobacco. These three items are still kept in our Skiff's cargo hold today. To be honest, I am more interested in Spirits than Tobacco.

According to some rumors, some wealthy outlaws were recently seen shortcutting through Vaajaita.

See you soon, my pretty, soon...


  1. Cool story brah, just 2 years of writing.

  2. Cyclone pilot here - Corpie just linked this blog to me. I got a good laugh from reading this, thanks for sharing.

    Vikings still joke about skiffs waiting on the low sec gates in Vaaj till this day because of that loss.

    I was too busy with my alt holding tackle during the engagement in Auro while I moved my main to the fight. I just remember looking to my other screen confused because I was scrammed by a skiff.. Next thing I know the po-po show up and I was webbed and getting rekt. I couldnt make it to the gate so I started shooting the skiff for the hell of it.

    What made it even better was during the fight my corpies and FC was counting on my DPS to show up and asked where I was - I remember till this day the "WHAT!?!" on comms when I said how I was in Vaaj dying to a skiff and couldn't make it to the fight... LOL good times.