Friday, December 26, 2014

Distinguishing the Good from the Bad

So far all my posts have been about the in game EVE experience. It is not my intention to waste our time with the boring mass of out-of-game drama. Certainly, one of my main goals is to make this blog a place where the 3 parties can learn from (Anti-Gankers, Miners and Gankers). I also want to show that the gameplay of Anti-Ganking, when done right, can create success, excitement, fun, tears, content, memories and stories. In this post however, I want to bring clarifications, because there has always been many gankers who claimed that "all the Toxic Anti-Gankers are insulters, and all they do is ****ing on CONCORD killmails without preventing the gank."

Warning: The three ignorant and vulgar statement examples below might make you want to vomit. 

"Most of the killmails they gleefully post in their special little channel didn't save the miner"
        -admiral root

"All I ask from the ANti-Ganing crowd is Context... You keep posting small kills without giving context about what was killed in the process. Congrats, you killed a catalyst, did you prevent them from doing what they intended no? No.
I see guys in AG Channel posting a kill with concord in it but never mention that the same Catalyst just popped a 233mil Ship and maybe few hundred mill pod.
You prefer grand standing about a few catalyst kills even if the target worth billions more was popped. You prefer grand standing even about "look, I killed a catalyst when it ganked somebody" even though he would have died to concord anyway.
"I have never been insulted or verbally assaulted as I have been in that Channel."
       -Cannibal Kane

"From what I have seen so far, the most distinct skills of a typical Anti-ganker are as follows:[…]- Is willing to share his sexual fantasies about the ganker, usually involving a lot of male reproduction organs and/or fecal matter of all sorts in local chat"
        -Alyth Nerun

Let's look at these drivels for example. As you can see, there is no end to ganker imagination. They consider all miners and anti-gankers as ineffective insulters who send death threats while also "involving a lot of male reproduction organs and/or fecal matter of all sorts" (yes, that's exactly what one of them says). Also they claim that all anti-gankers do is ****ing on CONCORD Killmails. Why do I partially quote these rather old statements? Because they perfectly summarize the most common misconceptions about us. I can find many more, similar ignorant posts.


Mercenary Cannibal Kane and "diplomat" admiral root claim that we post "small" Catalyst kills all the time even though their target dies. The problem with their statement is the fact that you cannot judge every type of gameplay by the look of those internet statistics or killmails. 
Let me clarify the following realities: Unlike what these both individuals say, nearly all miners within my sight and intervention, have survived the gank attempts against them. There isn't one Catalyst kill in my personal killboard where I ****ed on a CONCORD Killmail without preventing the gank, and 99% of those Catalyst kills actually also correspond to a miner's survival. This isn't just my case: the same thing goes to 99% of the genuine Anti-Gankers. 
Personally, I find it pointless and stupid to engage a ganker if you can't prevent the gank and I am sure many of the real Anti-Gankers will agree with that. We engage the ganker the moment he turns criminal (or during the pre-gank period), long before CONCORD arrival, and use the in-game mechanics, modules and opportunities to ruin their ganks. 

Saving another freighter in Niarja. The ganks were continuously failing as a result of successful ECM projection from multiple Anti-Gankers.

Their target's survival does not appear on those kill boards or killmails. 


I strongly believe Cannibal Kane spent a short time in that Anti-Ganking channel, so short that he couldn't really distinguish everyone. But that doesn't give him the right to base his generalized "AG community" opinion on a single chat channel, and then foolishly spew his misconceptions about every Anti-Ganker out there.

"Saying that everyone in the channel is death-threat-sending scum just because of a hateful minority, is just as ignorant and invalid as any other stereotype."
         -Jennifer en Marland 

He was never insulted by me, or by any of the Anti-Gankers that I know. Also, I don't even see a reason to "insult" him, since he seems to contribute to Highsec activity. In the contrary, I respect that.
The EVE client automatically saves all the chat logs. To see the reason behind his tears about those "insults", during my spare time I personally and seriously went through my chat log files for that channel and his name, and I never saw an "insult" sent to him. Most probably, I was not connected when those "insults" were spouted (and they were not saved).
Later on, I mentioned in a forum post that he was most probably insulted by one of those gank-victim carebears who aspire to be white knights, and fail. Those are often the ones who send death threats, post Catalyst kills without giving context and continuously complain everywhere.

Also, Alyth Nerun showed his misconceptions by saying that a typical anti-ganker "Is willing to share his sexual fantasies about the ganker, usually involving a lot of male reproduction organs and/or fecal matter of all sorts in local chat". 

Personally, this is how I prefer to see Local chat after I prevent a gank successfully (or without success) :

GFs in local between me and a CODE. member - shortly after I ruined his gank by catching his outlaw Catalyst at gate.

As you can see, unlike what Alyth Nerun declares with his ugly generalization, I don't express any fantasy, insult, RL death threat or rage in Local. All I see is an emergent competition between two players who enjoy the game and respect each other.

"Good fight. It’s a salute to an opponent, a respectful nod to their skill and attitude"

Genuine Anti-Gankers are not like those insulter AFK gank-victim carebears, and we will continue to prove that. There is a blatant difference between one group who tries white knight by insulting the gankers, and another group who actually has fun while disrupting gankers operations (as a simple example, see my past/future blog posts).

Your inability to distinguish us from AG-aspirant carebears makes you look silly.


  1. No one reads your blog.

  2. apparently you spend less time in minerbumping (a free to enter, and recently re-opened for all community) than we do in antiganking (where if you even ask a question you get banned)
    the insults, death threats and vitrol, are all real, and so frequent you cant spend a day in mb without thinking to yourself "he mad" when a ganked player spews some filth that would need a confession to recover from.
    "youre not the problem, and you dont see anyone saying those kind of things"
    maybe you should. cause its happening, here in reality

    1. I am aware of the fact that some hateful expression appears in the AG channel, but you're talking as if it appears 24/7. Moderators are doing their best to keep away such butthurt, angry, insulting people with whom we aren't affiliated with. In the contrary, I have stated many times that anyone who sends RL threats to the gankers who bring fun to this videogame should biomass and leave this game. They are not welcomed.

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