Friday, February 27, 2015

Advanced Machariel Maintenance - History Edition

What is better than a regular Machariel wreck?

Image Source: Personal screenshot collection

You guessed it! A bumper-Machariel wreck. 

Machariel Maintenance is a developing activity in Highsec, but it's not a very recent type of content. Those freighter bumpers were already being destroyed months and years ago. According to many publications, this type of emergent gameplay has its origins in late 2012 or early 2013. It became glorious in 2014, say July 2014 for example. 

Some carebears and lazy AFK freighter "pilots" complained so much about the mechanics of bumping and ganking that CCP devs had to make official or personal forum statements about it. However, genuine Anti-Gankers know how to deal with a bumper's bot-aspirant behavior. They know that vigilance, action, conflict and usage of valid game mechanics against bumpers work much better than whining on forums about how unfair bumping is or why suicide ganking should be abolished. 

In other words, they understand Highsec. They understand EVE.

Bumper TasKu had a hard time figuring out how to survive in Highsec. Not only did he lack a bumping permit, but he also looked a little greedy with his set of salvagers. Absolutely no tank, no spatial awareness, no respect for the epic Machariel and no bumping permit. Consequently...

His bumper Machariel vaporized within seconds as a result of a punishment by Content Generators Jennifer en Marland and Lilynndria Satele. 

((english please))

It's understandable that once the killmail appeared on zKillboard, people reacted at TasKu's strange looking, bumping-optimised Machariel fit. Such Machariels always look strange. TasKu had decided to fit zero tank modules and focus on extreme agility to enhance his bot-aspirant bumping operations. Maybe an exclusive bumping permit could save him, who knows? 

Another meaningful comment for this glorious killmail came from resistencia. You know what? He's right. This might be quite off-topic in this Machariel-focused post, but in my personal vision of Anti-Ganking, there is no such thing as failing completely. For example, if you successfully jam the fail-fit Catalysts and prevent a gank, you win. In the contrary, if you see them switch to triple ECCM Taloses, it also shows your success about how you forced them to adapt and innovate. Similarly, ganking these freighter bumper Machariels is a victorious wrath of resistance from Anti-Gankers. If we force them to paying more attention while bumping, it once again proves that we are successfully reforming them and creating better, alert and civilized EVE players. In a competitive game like EVE, these are very good things. In addition to that, genuine Anti-Gankers have fun while engaging the gankers. You probably know that excellent saying about having fun in EVE: "if you're having fun, you're winning EVE."

Enough philosophy, let's move onto another punished bot-aspirant. Well maybe we can call them "saved" instead of "punished". By ganking these robot-like bumpers, we destroy their bot-aspirancy. Therefore, we're actually saving them from themselves.

Kill report

Boom! Another vaporized bumper. Funnily-named Kamaz Tipper was even more greedy than TasKu. Look at all those salvagers and delicious modules! …and now look at that last, poor, unfortunate, remaining empty high slot. That, my friends, is a slot which Kamaz could have used for a bumping permit or vigilance. Just like TasKu, he had no tank at all. Even Faction cloaking devices and Deadspace microwarpdrives will not save you if you don't pay attention.

More conflict, more content. Both Gankers and Anti-Gankers continue to apply their own tactics as they keep Highsec alive. For more wrecked bumpers, enjoy the following posts:

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It does look like things are working as intended, doesn't it? 

This is Highsec. This is EVE.

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