Sunday, November 30, 2014

Highsec Ganker Education

I was patrolling the Otela ice belt when a Thorax appeared on D-Scan among other ships. It was another Anti-Ganking patrol day, and just like most of the courageous and patient Anti-Gankers of Highsec, I refresh D-Scan very frequently. When I first saw that Thorax appear on D-Scan, I didn't think it would belong to a ganker. After all, Otela is also a home for RvB, and you see that ship on D-Scan all the time there.

About 25 seconds passed, and the Thorax was still on D-Scan. In situations like this, for additional clarity, I always reduce the scan range to about 1 AU, so that all the unnecessary clutter (stations, stargates, ships far away etc.) is removed. 

The Thorax was now within 1 AU. Obviously, we had a Thorax in warp towards us.

The Otela Ice Belt

Meanwhile at the ice belt, there were three vigilant Anti-Gankers. In addition to my cloaked Falcon, a Griffin was orbiting the belt, and there was a second Griffin which was also cloaked. 
As the Thorax belonging to Mithrawn'arudo appeared on grid and landed, I was thinking that an intelligent ganker would notice the orbiting Griffin and abort the gank immediately. Moreover, that Griffin was belonging to Pulttl, one of the most determined anti-gankers ever seen in Highsec. 
In spite of that, Mithrawn'arudo started approaching a Mackinaw right away.

"I often set my camera to their ship and zoom in, so I can see clearly what they are doing."

When a Gallentean blaster ship approaches a mining barge in Highsec, chances are some bot-aspirant ganker behavior will occur. We knew that. The orbiting Griffin pilot Pulttl was probably yellowboxing the Thorax already, while our Falcon also decloaked 90 kilometers away, followed by the second Griffin, which also decloaked, and eagerly started targeting the ignorant Thorax.
Mithrawn'arudo was now hugging the Mackinaw, and despite having three alert ECM content generators yellowboxing him, he opened fire… 

[ 2014.04.06 17:40:50 ] (notify) Mithrawn'arudo, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2014.04.06 17:40:51 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Mithrawn'arudo [VRTEX](Thorax) to Darksien Sterne [PIIS6](Mackinaw)

"Some gankers however, are completely ignorant of the fact that 5 griffins are yellowboxing them and still open fire."

The good news is, Highsec is a competitive environment where there are multiple elements. 

[ 2014.04.06 17:43:40 ] Darksien Sterne > Gank attempt=Fail
[ 2014.04.06 17:44:30 ] Pulttl > didn't he see a griffin orbiting the field? hmm
[ 2014.04.06 17:44:41 ] Pulttl > or maybe he hoped that i'm afk

Anti-Gankers are one of those elements. Mithrawn'arudo wanted to gank a Mackinaw with such fail-fit Thorax in Otela, a.k.a the home system for several generous Anti-Gankers. 

Understanding a ganker's state of mind is not always easy. 
Mithrawn'arudo believed that all he needed for a guaranteed gank was just a meta 3 Warp Disruptor and some blasters. The Gallentean Thorax comes with 4 mid-slots. As you can see, gankers are the worst kind of people to ask about fitting advices. He was too lazy to think and work on a proper, more acceptable gank fitting.  

However, if we give them the necessary lessons and guidance, I strongly believe that gankers can become quality EVE players. Content Generators Pulttl, Jake Weyland, Azov Rassau and Darksien Sterne did what they had to do, and the Thorax was already being permajammed even before firing the second volley. In addition to the in-orbit Griffin's and our Falcon's strong projection of ionized particles which permanently disrupted Mithrawn'arudo's sensors, Darksien Sterne did an exemplary gesture by sending Vespa EC-600 ECM drones from his Mackinaw's drone bay. Meanwhile, Jake Weyland was so generously excited that he sent a little rusty gift joke by activating a Minmatar jammer on the Thorax. 

As usual, Content Ruiner CONCORD Police Commander ****ed on the Killmail without preventing anything. The vital intervention was already being done by real players about 19 seconds ago.

Another miner was saved, another ganker was educated. 

As I said before, guidance is also an important part of my personal anti-ganking effort. The Thorax doesn't really have a huge DPS advantage over the Catalyst, but if Mithrawn'arudo insists on the Thorax, our guidance will also cover that ship. Click here to see our official gank Thorax fitting advice for him. Feel free to share your opinions as a comment.

Remember gankers; it's never too late to mend.

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