Saturday, December 3, 2016

Emergent Evolution

EVE is about choices, consequences and the evolution that comes with them.

Kill Report

Ilona Roscher was born on late 2014 and she quickly became interested in mining. On February of 2015, her Hulk was ganked by Zane Arnolles and Mildron Klinker.

Instead of demanding nerfs, crying on forums or foolishly petitioning the gankers to CCP, she chose the right path and became interested in the Anti-Ganking gameplay, in other words, playing EVE. A month later, she was already in a Skiff. On June 2015, she was mining in her Skiff at the Tolle system when 3 gankers showed up: Jaxi Wreckful, I Can't Even and Star Desu. 

Kill Report

Ilona and her friend Marianne both engaged one of the gankers with medium ECM drones which made the gank fail.

A day later, yet another illegal gank-bot showed up:

Kill Report

An impressive player opposition prevented the gank. Miners Ruelle Tische, CONCORD Police Captain, Prophet RavenHeim, Cartelrem Musana, Roden Police Sergeant, Hella Helm, Peter Helm, Ilona Roscher and Marianne Granzin engaged the Catalyst. 4 Skiffs, including Ilona, deployed a huge amount of medium ECM drones that no doubt disrupted the heretic's targeting system immediately. Meanwhile, a Svipul and two other mining ships were applying DPS on the Catalyst.

A beautiful scenery that illustrates yet again why the Triangle of Content is important for a dynamic, healthy Highsec. Without miners, gankers and anti-gankers, there would be none of these beautiful sceneries and content.

Once again, the players had the most important role in the prevention of this gank. Think about it, if no CONCORD or Faction Police was around, the Catalyst would only receive the DPS and permajam of real players. The gank would fail with that too. Long time readers of GankerJamming already know my opinion on NPC police, so I won't repeat that again.

During the following months, Ilona stopped more ganks. On August 10, she encountered Zane Arnolles who had ganked her on February. Ilona ruined Zane's both ganks with her Griffin! Later on, Ilona skilled up for the Kitsune, the tech 2 variant of Griffin with a slightly better jamming strength, and recently, she used it for the first time. Against whom?

Kill Report

Kill Report

You guessed it. Notorious gankers Zane Arnolles, Molly Klinker and Jana Grebb. They were operating in Gallente space again without an N-Code compliant Ganking Permit. Once again, Ilona Roscher successfully prevented the gank. No miner loss mail was generated. For the third time, Ilona defeated Zane's gank.

Image Source: Mark O'Helm, Nephew of Ilona Roscher

What a beautiful evolution. lona Roscher is a miner with stories to tell. She learned to fight back successfully, used the existing game mechanics & tools and already ruined multiple operations of the ganker who had killed her Hulk, and there will be more, no doubt. If more miners had this attitude, Highsec would be a much better and fun place for everyone. Thanks to the miners like Ilona who actually play the game, it's already becoming more fun. 

By the way, the name "Zane Arnolles" rings a bell for me. I wonder why.

Oh, here's why. 😎

[ 2013.11.30 13:34:13 ] Azov Rassau > Zane Arnolles: you have foolishly engaged in gankological activity within sight of our Skiff and must suffer the electronic consequences. 
[ 2013.11.30 13:34:50 ] Captain McFancypants > oh, please tell me you've tackled him 
[ 2013.11.30 13:34:56 ] Captain McFancypants > that'd be brilliant 
[ 2013.11.30 13:34:56 ] Zane Arnolles > gf 
[ 2013.11.30 13:34:58 ] Azov Rassau > Kill: Zane Arnolles (Catalyst) 
[ 2013.11.30 13:34:59 ] Azov Rassau > gf 
[ 2013.11.30 13:35:08 ] Triadora Butterfly > thank )) 
[ 2013.11.30 13:35:13 ] Captain McFancypants > awesome!

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